About Kat


I live in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and have made my living as a fine art photographer for the last decade. My photography career was born out of a huge life change that meant the end of my business and life as I'd known it, and a lot of questions about who I was. I've adored horses for as long as I can remember, so I picked up a camera and sought out the wild herds of the American West. I fell in love; not only with the horses and the wild land they live upon, but also with living a more creative, authentic life. I was able to turn my attention outward again and build a thriving fine art photography business and international collector base.

Until June of 2020 I had a studio on Canyon Road; now I sell exclusively online. I spend as much time as I can road tripping with my husband, artist Kelly Moore, looking for wildlife and atmospheric western landscapes. We’re always searching for wonder, rarity, a good story and a memorable moment. 


Although I capture a lot of different images, wild horses are still my favorite subjects, and I’ve photographed them all over the West. Some of them live wild; others have survived govenrnment round-ups and are living untamed on sanctuaries and private land. I want to convey what will always be wild about them, even if they can’t be in their homeland. Wherever they are now, I want to honor their wild souls.


There is, sadly, less space for wildlife all the time, and it's rare for most of us to see them in any sort of a natural setting. I’m happy if my images can bring any of their stories to light, and help others become more aware of the beauty and necessity of maintaining the wild.


I have a passion for animals struggling for their lives here in the United States, and being removed from their natural habitats. A percentage of proceeds from every equine photograph sale is donated to one of several mustang sanctuaries, and a percentage of proceeds from wolf images sold is donated to a wolf sanctuary.