How To Help Wild Horses

The Wild Ones

Want to help wild horses directly, learn more about their situation or get involved? Here are just a few of the excellent non-profit organizations to which I make donations:

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary
Black Hills based sanctuary founded by Dayton O. Hyde, caring for over 700 mustangs and helping to preserve rare bloodlines.

Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary
Colorado-based sanctuary that works very closely with horses rounded up from Colorado wild horse territories, including the well-known Sand Wash Basin herd. 

Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary
California-based sanctuary with close to 400 horses and burros in family bands. Also a great resource for education and advocacy. 

Skydog Ranch
Sanctuary in California/Oregon that helps reunite family bands torn apart by roundups. Be sure to follow them on Instagram–excellent stories about their horses and you will learn a lot!

The Horse Shelter
Located near Santa Fe, NM, The Horse Shelter rescues and cares for abandoned, neglected or abused horses all over New Mexico and have also helped wild horses in need. 

Happy Rascal Ranch
Grass roots New Mexico rescue that helps many animals, but particularly the wild horses from Placitas, New Mexico. 

Engler Canyon Ranch
A Colorado-based permanent home–with a hands-off approach–to 148+ high risk wild-born mustangs and burros.

Jicarilla Mustang Heritage Alliance
Dedicated to the welfare of New Mexico's wild horses through education and responsible adoption.